Gastronomic Routes


Haro is characterized by the many establishments and routes where we can find the best wines and cuisine, surrounded by a festive atmosphere that surely will not leave you indifferent.

Here we present some of the most classic routes, without ignoring other interesting areas such as the street of La Vega and its surroundings and the bar areas in the neighborhoods


If we are looking to start to get accustomed to Haro cuisine, there is no better way to do so than in the bars and cafeterias of Paz Square. We can enjoy succulent bar snacks, good wines, mixed grill platters and the best coffee on any of the numerous terraces in the square.

At the same time, we can enjoy several of our architectural jewels, such as the City Hall, the Bendaña Palace or the El Torreón museum of contemporary art.


The route starts at the Santo Tomas Street, In this legendary trail we can enjoy trying out pinchos or tapas, or having sandwiches or lunch in one of the restaurants.

If we want to take a memory of Haro home with us, what better than to drop into some of its wine cellars to continue enjoying our most typical products: preserves, mementos of the city and, of course, wine


The Herradura route continues in this small square where terraced bars and wonderful restaurants serve the Haro’s most typical dishes. If we wish to continue our cultural visit, we are just a few steps away from the Santo Tomás Church.

And to finish off, to get back to the Herradura, we have to go down San Martín Street with several stop-offs with good food: pepitos (steak sandwiches), zapatillas (toasted bread and tomato with ham) or a pincho moruno (skewered diced pork) will be the finishing touch.


During the day, these streets are all a mixture of scents and flavours, and at night they are transformed into the party area of the city. In its pubs and bars we can enjoy Haro nightlife just as we’ve enjoyed them in the daytime