Our cuisine, to be enjoyed at home

  • torrijas Torrijas (Spanish-style French toast)

    Preparation: Bring milk to the boil along with the sugar and cinnamon stick. Remove from heat and let cool. Cut the bread into slices just over 1 cm thick. Place the slices in a high-sided bowl and pour on the boiled milk until they are covered and well soaked. Remove the slices one by one, […]

  • menestra Mixed Vegetable Stew

    Preparation: Wash all the vegetables and set them aside. Cut the chard and cardoon stalks into 4 inch lengths. Boil the artichokes whole. Shell the peas and beans and set aside. Dice the ham. Boil all the vegetables separately in salted water, as they have different cooking times so it is better to separate them […]

  • Borage with Potatoes

    Preparation: Scrape the borage stems until all the hairs covering them are removed. Wash in plenty of cold water. Place in a pot of boiling water. When it returns to the boil, add chopped potato and salt to taste. Boil for 30 minutes. Drain well. Sauté in a frying pan of olive oil and chopped […]

  • patatas_chorizo Potatoes with Chorizo

    Preparation: Peel the potatoes, wash them in cold water and cut them into cubes. Place the cut, cleaned potatoes into a pan and cover with cold water. Add a bay leaf and salt and bring to the boil. Add chorizo (one chunk per person). Mix garlic and parsley in a mortar, and add this mixture […]

  • chuletillas Cutlets with vine shoots

    Preparation: Take some dried vine shoots. Sear the griddle, then clean it with newspaper. When the vine shoots are reduced to live embers, spread them out and place the griddle above with the cutlets inside. Grill well on both sides. Add salt. Ingredientes – Chuletillas de cordero – Sal – Sarmientos (tallos de vid recogidos […]

  • zurracapote Zurracapote (Special mulled wine)

    For 16 litres of wine: Dissolve two kilos of sugar in two litres of water. Simmer two cinnamon sticks in 1/4 litre of water. Strain the water and add to the wine. Add the juice of 5 lemons. Take the lemon rinds and cinnamon and wrap in a cloth. Tie up the cloth and place […]

  • pimientos_rellenos Stuffed Piquillo peppers

    Preparation: Prepare some béchamel sauce and set aside Sauté the onion on a low heat in a large pan Season the minced meat Add paprika to the sauteed onion and brown lightly Add the mince and fry with the onion Mix well with the béchamel and leave to cook for 15 minutes Cool the stuffing […]

  • pochas_riojana Rioja Pochas

    Preparation: Ponemos los caparrones, en un puchero, cubrimos de agua y arrimamos al fuego, cuando rompa a hervir añadimos el tocino y los tropiezos. Dejamos hacer a fuego lento con el puchero semitapado, a falta de aproximadamente 1 hora para terminar, incorporamos la zanahoria, ½ cebolla y el chorizo. El tiempo de cocción dependerá de […]

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