How to reach

How to reach
A crossroads

Haro is strategically placed for journeys by road, since it has excellent road links with many of the important cities of the northern half of Spain, such as Vitoria, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Burgos, Valladolid and Santander, and it lies on what is known as the Ebro Valley Axis, allowing excellent links with Logroño, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

By Car

If you want to visit us by car, first of all, the AP-68 toll motorway passes through Haro, providing a fast connection to Bilbao, Burgos-Madrid, Logroño and Zaragoza-Barcelona. Also, the N-124 national highway passes through Haro, and the N-232 passes nearby. These two routes mean that the cities mentioned above can be reached quickly, as can nearby places of great interest to tourists, such as Briñas, Briones (linking up here with the regional 210 road towards the Sonsierra area) and San Asensio.

Not to mention the important network of regional roads which provide access to numerous places of great interest to tourists, such as the LR-111 which links up with neighbouring Casalarreina and Santo Domingo de la Calzada, and the N-120 which runs parallel with the Camino de Santiago, the 203 to Zarratón, the 202 to Anguciana and Cihuri, the 401 to Villalba de Rioja or the 212 to the town of Labastida in the province of Álava, and from there on to the Riojan towns on the left bank of the river Ebro.

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By Train

Haro also has a railway station which lies on one of the most important railway routes: the Bilbao-Zaragoza-Barcelona line.

Address: Barrio de la Estación, 1 View on map

Tel: 941 31 15 95

Information and ticket sales: 902 24 02 02

RENFE - ticket sales

By Bus

There are various options for people who decide to visit us by coach through the companies operating in the north of Spain. The routes with stops in Haro are the following:

Address: Plaza Castañares de Rioja, 4 View on map

Tel1: 941 31 15 43

Tel2: 941 31 29 71

Main routes:

By Plane

The international airport of Bilbao is also only a short distance away:

Bilbao Airport

From Santander are direct bus connections to Haro:

Santander Airport

How to get around Haro

In addition to the bus services connecting Haro to other areas and towns and villages, two transport services operate in parallel which can help us move around the city or get to neighbouring towns and villages:


Taxi rank in the Plaza Castañares de Rioja opposite the Bus Station.

Tel: 941 31 01 07

Transporte Rural

Rural Bus Line La Rioja

See in the web of the Government of La Rioja

Autobús Urbano

Regular Line Stops:

  1. Siervas de Jesús (Tiriquilla)
  2. Plaza de la Paz (Suizo)
  3. Teatro Bretón
  4. Basilica de La Vega
  5. Villa Begoña
  6. Hogar Madre de Dios
  7. Campo de fútbol
  8. Guardería, Institutos
  9. Av. Juan Carlos I
  10. Ambulatorio
  11. Residencia Jazmines
  12. Parque Iturrimurri
  13. Linares Rivas