Berceo Winery

Cuevas, 32 - 941 31 07 44

Founded in 1872, the Gurpegui family winery is the only still fully functioning in the historic Cuevas street, with tunnels running from the ancient medieval galleries of the Haro Castle once used to escape this fortress.

Another important detail is that Bodegas Berceo,S.A. is also the only vertical winery still in operation thanks to its location, taking advantage of the natural decline of the hillsides by using a “revolver” type wine press over 100 years old to extract the first pressings and carrying out the transformation in five levels, starting from the upper level, where the grapes enter the hoppers, descending under their own weight to the next two levels for fermentation. Later it reaches level two, where the hot must is devatted and transferred, with the red undergoing malolactic fermentation at this level before being transferred again and cleaned, then left to mature in the 4,000 Bordeaux barrels of French and American oak. Later, it is transferred to the bodegas and an annual production of 900,000 litres is made from tempranillo, garnacha, mazuelo, graciano and viura grapes.


Cuevas, nº 32
CP 26200 Haro (La Rioja). 41


941 31 07 44