Bilbainas Winery

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In 1859, fleeing from the phylloxera plaguing French vineyards, the Savignon Frères et Cie company was set up in Haro to monitor the production process directly and to build a winery to make its wines, although these were destined for the French market.

When 40 years had passed since their arrival in Haro and phylloxera was all but forgotten, SavignonFrères sold their Haro facilities to a group of Bilbao businessmen who founded the company Bodegas Bilbaínas,S.A. in 1901, promoting the sparkling wines produced since the later 19th century and becoming consolidated as a benchmark brand for red Rioja. Their “Ederra” crianza was chosen for daily consumption by AlfonsoXIII, and in 1925 Bodegas Bilbaínas,S.A. was awarded the title of Supplier to the Royal Household.

In 1997, the Codorníu Group took over BodegasBilbaínas,S.A., signifying an important change of image for the Riojan winery, starting with renovation of the premises, where a block was built for the harvest, pressing and fermentation, a cellar for ageing in barrels and, early in 2000, in a project by architect DomingoTriay, the reconversion of the old bodega was undertaken, constructing a concrete-walled underground passage leading to the former French winery known as Savignon. Other improvements were the construction of an access route to the winery, a parking area for visitors and landscaping of the gardens, rearranging the existing trees, sowing a lawn and planting a collection of late 19th century roses. The façades of the century-old buildings were remodelled and the new offices were built in the rear part of the winery created in 1901.

As for vineyards, Bodegas Bilbaínas,S.A. have 250 ha. of their own perfectly acclimatised farms in the municipal areas of Haro and VillalbadeRioja on soils dating from the Tertiary period, made up of limestone, marls and sand, characteristics unique to the northern area of laRiojaAlta, where the tempranillo, garnacha, graciano and mazuelo varieties are grown for red wines and viura and malvasía for Riojan cava, in more than 25,000 Bordeaux casks belonging to the bodega.


Barrio de la Estación, nº 3
CP 26200 Haro (La Rioja). 41


941 31 01 47