Juan José Peñagaricano Akutain Winery

Término la Manzanera, s/n - 941 30 26 51

Akutain winery produces only red wines of the finest quality, crianzas and reserves, with grapes exclusively from their own vineyards located around the winery, a sub-zone of Rioja Alta, with 90% tempranillo, with 8% garnacha and 2% others.

With an efficient control, especially of the cultivation and maturation processes. The harvest is gathered manually, selecting the grape on the vine for ripeness, depositing them in 20kg boxes. Transferred to the warehouse, the painstaking elaboration and ageing process begins. Visual monitoring of cluster quality, introduction into the stem or skin remover for the separation of “raspón” (stems and skins) before the grapes are transferred almost whole to fermentation tanks, where they will be transformed into wine after maceration and fermentation at controlled temperatures. The wine obtained is separated from the sludge by transferring from tank to tank.

It will rest for most of the winter, achieving good natural cold decanting, before being poured into French and American oak barrels, with a maximum of 5 years’ use. Ageing time in casks varies from 12 to 30 months, with transfers every 6 months, before being bottled and stacked up in the corresponding niches, where it will remain for a minimum of 2 years. We are pleased to receive visits, or can organise lunches or dinners, at all times by prior appointment.


Término la Manzanera, s/n


941 30 26 51