Ramón Bilbao Winery

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Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, S.A. was founded in 1924 although in the previous century, around 1896, D.Ramón Bilbao Murga was already selling Ramón Bilbao and Viña Turzaballa wines in his bodega in the heart of Haro, in Las Cuevas street, while becoming one of the pioneering winemakers and a great lover of the art, which he was able to pass on to subsequent generations until 1966, when RamónBilbaoPozo, the family’s last descendant, passed away.

So, intending to continue D. Ramón Bilbao’s tradition of producing crianza wines, in 1972 a joint-stock company was set up under new ownership and changes were introduced, new facilities being constructed also in Haro, which went on to become part of a family company called Diego Zamora, S.A., later one of the largest drink-producing groups in Spain, while a new plan for modernisation and updating of the facilities was initiated, which is currently bearing excellent fruit. These wineries have significant production from their own vineyard (75 ha in Haro and the environs) in addition to controlled vineyards belonging to farmers in the area with whom they have been working for many years. As for the facilities, there are two separate areas for winemaking-reception-fermentation, with their corresponding selection tables and French oak casks, and different buildings: one for storage tanks, another one for the oak barrels and another for wine bottling and storage, as well as an ample cellar, a visitors’ centre and a professional tasting room.

As mentioned previously, two new barrel stores are being built and they hope to soon have their own winery for one of the most excellent Ramón Bilbao, S.A. wines, “Mirto”, including a public relations centre and a themed display about vine cultivation. The process of grape harvesting consists of setting a calendar to select the vineyard according to ripeness. Once the fruit is harvested, it is taken to the warehouse where there are two different wine producing areas: one for the stainless steel tanks with temperature control cladding, and another for French oak barrels, each holding 17,500 litres, which are used to make special editions. After this step comes the ageing, and to this end, Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, S.A. have more than 8,000 barrels of French and American oak to which transfers are made every six months. All of this helps make Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, S.A. one of the five most visited of the whole Rioja Denomination of Origin.


Avda. Santo Domingo, nº 34
CP 26200 Haro (La Rioja)


941 310 316