Viña Olabarri Winery

Ctra. Haro-Anguciana, s/n - 941 31 09 37

The Bodegas Rubí project came into being in 1985 with the purchase of a hundred-year -old winery in Anguciana to produce wines by traditional methods following the specifications of D. Pablo Olábarri, who managed to create wines with a great aroma yet which were very gentle on the palate, and whose crowning glory, the 1985 Reserve, was first made in 1989.

With the aim of making Crianza, Reserve, Grand Reserve and High Expression wines, D. Pablo Olabarri decided to expand the project and build a winery in Haro which was able to fulfil the objectives he had been pursuing for over two decades, dedicated to the world of winemaking, constructed in a modern style with a bottling plant and warehouse with stainless steel tanks and 2,500 Bordeaux-type barrels of highest quality American oak, with different sized grains, in addition to an air-conditioned storage facility with capacity for 800,000 bottles, which are kept in optimal humidity and temperature conditions.


Ctra. Haro-Anguciana, s/n
CP 26200 Haro (La Rioja)


941 31 09 37
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