Tejada's palace

Tejada's palace

Between Rococo, Baroque and neoclassical
Architectonic style

Plateresque. s.XVIII

Three-storey plateresque palace on a corner with a style in transition between baroque and neoclassical, with predominance of the former and even French rococo influences.
On the second floor there are two niches surrounded by an ornate structure of columns, cornices, capitals and pediment. The coat of arms on the third floor is dates from 1733 and has typical baroque decoration. It is located opposite the calle Lucrecia Arana, named in honour of the famous Haro artiste who triumphed in the zarzuela musical genre.
In the 19thcentury, the ground floor housed the Post and Telegraph Office. It was recovered in 1986.


General Prim, nº 11 CP 26200 Haro (La Rioja)

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